Rumor: Nintendo France rep says Smash Bros Wii U will Utilize NFC Figures

As you no doubt are aware, Nintendo has said over and over to investors that they will showcase their detailed plans for NFC technology at this June’s E3 conference.  Earlier this month, the company announced the first part of their NFC plans with Nintendo Figurine Platform, or figures that can be used across multiple games.  Seems like the cat’s out of the bag, per an interview with French site Le Figaro.  Nintendo of France rep was quoted as saying the upcoming Smash Bros for Wii U will utilize NFC figurines.  Here is the quote translated:

“E3 is also an opportunity to show the use of NFC technology [used in Skylanders and Disney Infinity , allowing the use of real objects - here, figurines - in video games] in Nintendo consoles. The NFC will be used in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros .”

The quote was later removed from the original article, adding credence to the rumor.  This recalls a similar fiasco on the heels of E3 2011, when a Nintendo of Europe representative said that JRPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles were not at E3 because Nintendo of America had no plans to sell them.  The rep was fired soon after, another situation of a Nintendo fellow speaking out of company line, once again not privileging the individual.

While highly plausible, it’s all rumor until announcement at E3, which will likely happen.  What do you think of  Super Smash Bros getting NFC figures?


Written by: Alex Ir Esq

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