YouTube Sensation Wengie Becomes Amazed With Korean Collagen Modeling Mask

With her more than 1.2 million YouTube subscribers, everyone waits on Wengie’s word, and when it comes to skin care, Wengie tries lots of products. Today, she’s looking at extremely popular Korean modeling masks and chose one she found on It’s called the AnSkin Modeling Collagen Mask, Anti-Aging and Firming, and Wengie saw a famous Korean actress talk about its wonderful benefits.


It comes in a tub in powder form, and you add enough water to create a thick consistency, so it has enough weight and texture to mold to your face as you apply it.


Wengie bought a plastic bowl and spoon on Ebay for her mask experiment and began mixing up a batch to put on her complexion. She made it thick enough so it wouldn’t run down her face and also avoided getting the paste-like texture on her eyebrows, so it wouldn’t pull the tiny brow hairs out after the mask adhered. She also refrained from applying the mask to the eye and nostril areas.


Wengie says the consistency felt really cold and soothing as she applied the Korean modeling facial mask. Her skin felt super calm, even though she felt as though her face were placed in the refrigerator. Wengie was surprised it was not setting as fast as she thought it would, so she decided to lie down and allow the collagen modeling mask to dry and perform its work. The formula took about 20 to 25 minutes to fully dry, according to the directions.


When Wengie pulled off the mask, she noticed her pores left a mark in the mask, and she could even see a lone whitehead picked up by the mask.


Wengie says the mask did not hurt to remove. Her face actually felt soft and looked radiant. Best of all, the mask firmed up her face and seemed to remove any saggy areas.


“This is magical,” Wengie exclaimed.


She urged her YouTube subscribers to comment below on the funniest thing that happened to them that week, and she would give away three tubs of modeling masks to three lucky winners.


Breakfast, Makeup and Clothes: Morning Routine

“I woke up like this!”
Not. Here’s Wengie’s routine to show how she goes from asleep to fully ready for her day. Be prepared, though, it takes a while for her to get ready! Routines are important to keep you alert and feeling happy. If you don’t stick to a routine, your emotions and hormones can be all over the place, so starting a routine for yourself is a good idea.

Wake Up
After waking up and completing the essentials like brushing her teeth and using the bathroom, Wengie heads to her vanity to cleanse her face and start applying makeup. She uses Origins Original Skin Care Serum on her face to give it a natural glow and minimize her pores.

Next is breakfast! She prepares a quick, healthy avocado toast. This toast is part of her seven day healthy eating plan that you can watch for more recipes and ideas. After making her breakfast, she prepares her breakfast water concoction of water and Aloe Vera juice with some lemon for a healthy flavor and cleansing drink. Then she heads to her laptop to watch some Netflix while she eats. A girl can’t get too much Netflix!

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Watch her do a simple wing and some neutral eye shadow colors on her face, then add some lipstick before moving on to her outfit.

Dress and Accessories
A simple dress, accessories and a handbag later, Wengie is all ready for her day and looking great! Don’t forget to subscribe to her channel for more videos like this one! Also, follow the links to either purchase Wengie’s same products, or watch more of her videos.


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