Don Ressler: An Active Entrepreneurial Husband

Don Ressler is very creative when it comes to fashion. However, his creativity comes from inspiration. He and his wife are physically active. They believe in keeping their bodies in good condition. One thing about physical fitness is that it can help with business and productivity on After all, people who are not taking that good of a care of their bodies might find themselves suffering mentally as well. For one thing, there are certain nutrients that could bring forth greater focus and other mental cognitive functions. Don Ressler understands this and makes sure that he is getting some kind of physical exercise in order to help with his business.

Given that Don Ressler takes an artistic approach to fashion while keeping physically fit, it is only fitting that he wants athletic clothing to have some kind of artistic creativity brought to it as well. The clothes in many athletic stores or even the sports section of the regular clothing stores are uninspired and bland. They do very little to show any kind of creativity on Pando. Therefore, women are left feeling bored about what the stores have to offer. To make things worse, every store has the same thing. It is very hard to find something that shows any hint of creativity. It is as if fashion has this unwritten rule that creativity and physical fitness are mutually exclusive.

Don Ressler created Fabletics in order to shake things up and bring out some of the more artistic customers. Women can find themselves captivated by the imagination that has been put in each of the garments that are offered. The different colors patterns, cuts, as well as material make for quite an experience for women who want to feel confident.

Fabletics is not just about the look of the apparel. The fit and comfort of the apparel is every bit as important if not more. Women find that the styles of the clothing make it easier to move. The clothes are body type specific. This gives women the chance to find something that fits them perfectly and actually helps them with their exercises so that they can achieve a higher level of fitness.

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