Jason Halpern Preserving History One Development at a Time

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Jason Halpern is a man that knows real estate. The 45-year-old has handled several projects now in both Miami and New York developers. Having completed more than $500 million worth of these since 2007, he created and runs JMH Development as one of the major property development businesses today. Here is some information about him and the project.JMH Development is a company that has handled upscale developments for the New York and Miami Beach area. It is well spoken for in the industry and requires little more said than that. Having them handle a development project anywhere means that it will be a smashing success. Jason Halpern has been at the helm of all that successfully now, since its inception.Jason Halpern is a fan of historical preservation and has worked for years to maintain this in the areas where his work has been developing communities. Both commercial and housing developments are the focus, but the love of the area and its history is the goal of his work.

Jason Halpern with His Wife

His education began at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Economics. He continued on at that school in Mechanical Engineering. He then attended the University of Pennsylvania where he got his MSE in Integrated Product Design.His philanthropy is well established as well. Halpern Medical Center is one of his beneficiaries, where he has helped society in the West Chester area in open heart surgery, neo-surgery where they help burn victims as well as helping victims of orthopedic surgery.

Jason’s Family

All of that makes a lot of people wonder how he does it all. His work is done in chunks of four or five at a time. He has stated in interviews, that he is always focused on that project in a personal manner. That is what makes him so successful. It makes sense that any building project would be better if there is a focus on the historical structure remaining true to its history and a focus on the personal needs of that community. It’s what makes him able to continue this for the last 25 years in a way that has made him great in the field.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Far too often people in development simply go into a project with a set mentality of what they envision. He doesn’t do that and it shows. Instead, he goes in and provides either a commercial district or residential one that serves the community. Isn’t that the way it should always be today? If more people performed their development projects in this manner, the small town feeling that most people love would be continued and our country would have historical preservation as a thing. here historical preservation has always been a thing of importance.

Meet Arthur Becker; the Jack-of-all-Trades

On the streets of New York, Arthur Becker is a renowned entrepreneur not only by the name but also for his success stories in different fields. His extensive investment skills have seen him get involved with many people on the streets. However, his success in the real estate business saw him gain popularity.

Also, his love for art can never go unnoticed as he applies it to his real estate projects. By throwing a glance at his Tribeca’s office, you will understand his love for art. This particular office also doubles as an art studio, filled with carvings and painting. Among the art present in his workshop are ancient currencies from African countries such as Cameroon.

Also, the art entails recognizable shapes derived from crumpled paper money. Also, in this particular office, one can also notice the magic eight ball, paperweights and a brick sample all which serves both as art and memory for his past life. This particular project is a great milestone in his career being his first ground-solo project. The project is expected to retail at not less than $52.5 million.

Arthur Becker has a reputation of pointing out an opportunity and making the best out of it. In early 2000, the successful entrepreneur made a great fortune in brokering tech companies on behalf of Bear Stearns. In the recent past, however, Arthur has dedicated his skills to real estate investment. His dedication and reputation have seen him involved in the development of 111 West 57th Street. Besides, he also invested in 10 Sullivan Street which later saw him receiving three townhouses in exchange for his stake in the project.

About Arthur Becker and his career life

Becker, the now proud owner of three elegant and strategically placed townhouses on Sullivan Street, is a graduate of the prestigious Bennington College. He pursued his BA at the Institute between 1969 and 1972. In 1973, Becker joined the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth where he schooled for a year.

Currently, the successful business person serves as the chairman of Zinio LLC. Besides, since 2001, Becker has been serving as the managing director of the Madison Partners technologies. Also, Becker has been the manager of Atlantic Investors Company, a position that he has been holding since 2002. Before, Becker served as the CEO of the NaviSite for eight years, a term that he boasts of being behind his vast portfolio. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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