Jeffry Schneider’s Investment Firm Takes the Investment Industry into Another Level

Ascendant Capital is a private investment and advisory firm based in Colorado. By digging shallowly into the company’s history, it is clear that it was established in 2011 with the objective of providing reliable solutions and opportunities for its clients. Ascendant is well known for offering services such as mortgage origination, portfolio management, loan sale, and advisory services. To those in the know-how of the investment business, Ascendant is the home for alternative investment options with global capabilities.

Within the short period of operation, Ascendant has experienced incredible growth as a result of considerable packages they continue introducing. Today, Ascendant Capital operates in three different business lines. There is the loan sale and advisory line which is monitored by Ascendant Capital, LLC. Also, there is the investment activities line which is managed by Ascendant Capital Management. Last and most crucial is the mortgage lending which is monitored by Ascendant Mortgage Corporation.

Ascendant Capital design various strategies which meet the standards of the market trend. Through these strategies, Ascendant raises funds for established and emerging alternative asset fund sponsors with the help of their partners across the globe. Ascendant has managed to win the hearts of many investors through their transparency way of business dealings. Through this mode of operation, the investors feel like part of the firm hence delivering their work in the best way they can. According to Jeffry, the firm experienced growth as a result of teamwork among the parties involved.

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital. His contribution towards his firm is one of a kind. Under his supervision, Ascendant has grown beyond imagination. Today, Jeffry is proud of being in a position to raise about $1 billion on behalf of several managers. According to Jeffry, currently, the firm is involved with over 50 broker-dealers and 250 investment advisors who play the role of steering the business towards greater margins.

Apart from his team of talented staff, Jeffry takes pride of being in the investment industry for many years. Before establishing Ascendant, Jeffry worked at Axiom Capital Management. Also, he happened to work with notable firms such as; the Paradigm Global Advisors, Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney which he says are behind his important skills. Additionally, Jeffry holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

In his hometown, Jeffrey is an ordinary man who loves eating healthy and keeping fit. His love for fitness has seen him participate in many marathons such as the iron man and half ironmans. Also, the successful business person likes exploring during his free times. Besides, Jeffrey believes in helping improve the lives of other individuals in the society. His helping heart sees him being involved with many charitable organizations based in his hometown.