Desiree Perez Makes Audio and Video Streaming a Reality at Tidal

When you work well with someone and they help your company become profitable, it only makes sense to connect with these people again if you have issues with your company. That is definitely what Jay-Z made a decision to do when he reached out to Desiree Perez.


It was an easy connection for him to make with Desiree Perez again because she had already worked with Roc Nation Sports. She had been in the mist of contract negotiations with athletes for this Jay-Z Venture, so it was only right to make a connection with her again when he worked to build Tidal.  Read interesting articles on


Anyone that is connected to Tidal can see that there is a wave of new music that is streaming exclusively on Tidal. The concept of the visually LP is becoming something that is very popular on Tidal, and this appears to be the anchor that has helped this company gravitate to the level that it is at right now.  See



There is no doubt that people that have unlimited bandwidth are going to take a little bit more time to stream videos and music. Many of the other executives are vested in music streaming are only going to consider the benefits of audio streaming. Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have devised a better plan to incorporate video and concert streaming into the equation. This gives the Tidal customers access to a whole new world of entertainment. The great thing about this is that it is something of a competitive advantage for Tidal because much of this content is exclusive so it is not streaming anywhere else. Lots of music fans are excited about this because it gives them access to concerts that they may never be able to see any other way. This is an awesome way to stream music.

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