Kabbalah Wisdom: Helping People to View Life Differently

Kabbalah, an ancient wisdom taught from generation to generation, equips the learner with skills to approach life in a more positive way. The knowledge is not tied to any particular religion, and therefore people from all walks of life, religion, or ethnicity are eligible to enroll to study Kabbalah at any Kabbalah Center.

Benefits of Learning Kabbalah

By learning Kabbalah, the learner gets to understand the universe and the creator better as well as get a broader perspective on matters of faith and beliefs. With this understanding, Kabbalah helps people to disentangle their fulfillment from other people and to develop satisfaction from within themselves. Kabbalah doesn’t program or coerce people to think in one particular way. It does not force ideas down people’s throats. All that kabbalah teachers do is disseminate the wisdom and then leave it at the discretion of the learners to apply it in the best way they deem fit. That’s the beauty of Kabbalah.

Origin of Kabbalah

Kabbalah teachings have been there since the universe came into being. These teachings were, however, revealed to humanity about 50 centuries ago and were recorded in an ancient book called The Book of Formation. 30 centuries later, an Israel Rabbi by the name Shimon Bar Yochai dissected the book into two parts- the Zohar and the Torah. The former expounds on the stories from the ancient scriptures while the latter teaches about how the universe operates. Kabbalah was initially taught to Jews only, but it has grown to the entire world over the years

About Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah centers have existed for many decades. The first Kabbalah center was built in the U.S. by Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein about half a century ago, but the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center was built in 1984.

Students are first introduced to the Hebrew language since Zohar and Torah are written in Hebrew. They are then taught the core topics of Kabbalah such as the concept of Klippot, sex, common senses, and even the Bible. The Kabbalah Center at Los Angeles is involved in philanthropy.