OSI Group Continues To Provide Global Service And Quality

OSI Group has acquired Baho Food which is based in the Netherlands. The Dutch manufacturer has a long and prosperous history in Europe. The acquisition by OSI Group is indicative of their steady growth throughout their global operations. Baho produces their products in the Netherlands and Germany. They will help OSI broaden their European operations and enable them to better serve the continent. Baho has been described as innovative and brings a gourmet philosophy to quick cooking.

OSI Group, under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin, has steadily grown over the decades into a powerhouse in the food industry. They can be found in 17 different countries with 20,000 plus employees. They have at least 65 facilities and an enormous infrastructure to support all phases of food processing. They are able to provide a full-service experience to their clients beginning with their considerable product development capabilities. They develop partnerships with leading retail brands as part of their core strategy and business.

They have a strong inertial guidance system which is based on the spirit of entrepreneurialism. This consists of OSI Group valuing their employees and welcoming their input and creativity. They believe that every employee could potentially make a difference. They welcome diversity in the workplace and no one is excluded. They strive to provide an atmosphere that allows workers to grow and reach their full potential. They also seek to provide a stimulating environment which workers find challenging and interesting.

OSI Industries is also committed to sustainable business practices. Their entire global network works diligently to implement sound environmental procedures amidst the local communities where they live and work. They have received numerous awards and recognition for their environmental sensitivity. One recent example is the Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council. They displayed exemplary management of environmental risks.

OSI Group offers a customized approach to each customer’s particular needs and demands. All dishes are made to order whether they are meats, vegetables, or fruits. They are able to help develop products with their culinary labs and everything is geared toward efficiency and convenience. OSI Group is one of the largest food processors which is privately owned and has been recognized by Forbes magazine.