Tips and Tricks on Energy Savings from your AC from supplier Goettl

Each summer we all face the same old enemy, the blazing and tyrannical sun. As it rises high in the sky it starts pouring down its rays in a symphony of heat, and the first line of defense against it is your HVAC system. A properly tuned and operative AC unit will help to protect you from the heat, and with a little attention to detail, you can ensure that it’s doing it at a rate that doesn’t leave your broke for winter.

1 – Radiant Barriers – A radiant barrier is a foil that is installed between the floor of the attic and the insulation that lay over it. This prevents heat from soaking in from the attic during the summer and escaping up through it in the winter. Both result in savings to your AC.

2 – Replace Defective Units – Needless to say, if your unit is malfunctioning you’re going to need to have it serviced or replaced. In fact, if your unit is old enough you may just want to have it replaced regardless, newer systems are much more energy efficient and perform better.

3 – Programmable Thermostats – During both summer and winter a programmable thermostat can help take the edge off of your energy bill. By ensuring that the units only operate when someone’s home to appreciate them (Or in the winter, that you’re out of bed to appreciate the warmth) they limit the energy being used. The newer models even use Smartphones!

Companies like Goettl can aid you in reducing your bill by providing proper servicing for your units. Recently purchased by Tempe Based ARS/Rescue Rooter, they’ve moved from the Phoenix-based home and are preparing to offer a continuing line of excellent service to those who have come to rely on them. There are even rumors on the wind that ARS may be reviving the Goettl line of air conditioners under the leadership of Dan Burke, former president of Goettl.