Benefits of Using Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a classroom platform that was designed to give students, teachers and parents an opportunity to interact. It was launched in June 1st 2011 by Sam Chaudhary, who had the vision of helping teachers and parents work together in promoting and monitoring students’ progress in school and at home. The platform has so far benefited residents of the United States and other countries. The program is said to be operational in over two hundred countries and states in the world. Through Class Dojo, parents are able to understand what goes in their children’s’ classes and thus are in a position to contribute to any issue or concern that may come up from an informed point of view.

The Class Dojo platform is an alternative to physical classrooms since during every session, users are able to get a classroom feeling. Through Class Dojo parents and teachers are able to interact thus making the whole experience exciting and fun. The platform has instant messaging apps that are only available to the users. They are confidential and teachers, parents and students are able to raise their concerns without any fear. Class Dojo also has a photograph section that is used to store photos that are taken during class sessions. The platform also affords parents different languages. So parents can get regularly updated without necessarily looking for translators if they do not understand a particular language. It is also convenient since Class Dojo is not only found in the United States but also other countries.

The platform has been able to get the support of good investors who are committed to see the success of Class Dojo. The investors of Class Dojo are: General Catalyst, GSV, SV Angel, Signal Fire and Imagine K12/Y Combinator. Recently in an effort to promote its services and products, Class Dojo has been working with Stanford University in order to produce videos that will be used in the classrooms to enhance learning opportunity for students. The videos that will be produced are based on books that children enjoy reading and thus animated versions of them will enhance their understanding and increase their participation in class.

Class Dojo is secure and provides for the privacy of the users. The users can also enjoy private sessions with each other during times convenient to them. Through its website, one can learn how to enroll for the platform and also how to maximize on the use of Class Dojo.


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