JSHF Develops Real Estate Reputation

The international real estate industry is one of the most competitive and fast-paced industries in the world. Those that can succeed in the industry will need to be able to stay on top of changes to the industry and provide a quality product and service to tenants. One of the leading international real estate firms in the industry today is JHSF. JHSF is a real estate development and management company that is based in Brazil, which is considered one of the top emerging real estate markets in the world.

JHSF today is developing some of the most exciting projects in Brazil and other areas of South America. The company has a strong focus on developing and managing Class-A projects, which will continue to be sought after by tenants and customers for years to come. The company has developed several regional shopping malls that are full of high-end retailers, several different top restaurants, boutique hotels and office space, and even an executive airport and more information click here.

JHSF is also well known for developing sustainable projects that are good for the environment. This has helped to develop a trend for all new real estate in Brazil, which will help to ensure the company grows in a clean manner. Because of this, and several other factors, the company has received many different awards from industry peers and professional organizations and what Jose knows.

JHSF today is led by José AuriemoNeto, who is well-regarded for being one of the top real estate professionals in the world. He has done a great job of growing the company by successfully investing in emerging markets, which can be a challenge for professionals with less experience. José AuriemoNeto was one of the founders of the company when it started as a small firm just over ten years ago. He has also received a number of award for his vision of the company, his drive to incorporate sustainability into his new real estate, and other successes.

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Anthony Petrello’s Story: From Math Protege To Business and Industry Leader

An incredibly inspiring story can uplift and motivate. Such is the case with the story of Anthony Petrello, a man who his college roommate Lloyd Grove describes as “a skinny public-school scholarship kid from working-class Newark whose thick Jersey accent, loud mouth, and eager demeanor”. Petrello went from being a “public-school scholarship kid”, through the Ivy League system, and out into the world of business and industry. He quickly rose to the top, and is now CEO of the worlds leading natural gas and geothermal drilling companies, Nabors Industries. His story is one of letting a natural ability shine within a competitive industry, and winning. He shows many who have natural abilities the way to use their strengths in order to rise to the top.

Anthony Petrello hails from an Italian-American family in New Jersey. As he entered the Ivy League system through acceptance to Yale as an undergrad, his natural abilities in mathematics gained attention for him from leading math professors.

He followed through with his masters, also in mathematics, from Yale. Here he made pivotal decision and opted to study law at Harvard, where he eventually earned his J.D. degree. This is where it is crucial to examine his choices and learn from them. People with natural abilities and talents can hone in on those abilities so closely that they have a sort of tunnel vision, and lose sight of the world at large. Rather than going into a career which put the academic study of mathematics at the center, and ignored business and industry, Anthony Petrello decided to use his mathematics abilities, and deep understanding of logic, and apply them to the study of law.

Law uses proofs just like math does, and Petrello once again stood out as a top achiever. Once he graduated, he moved into a successful career with a law firm in New York.

This career in law put him into touch with the natural resources giant, Nabors Industries, and he transitioned onto the Nabors team in 1991. Petrello was though of as a “math whiz” by his peers in undergraduate school, and he took that academic ability and transferred it into a successful business career.

About Anthony Petrello: www.avvo.com/attorneys/77067-tx-anthony-petrello-845798.html

Patty Rocklage, the Optimal Psychoanalyst

Patty Rocklage is a well-known therapist with vast experience in marriage and family issues. She is married to a famous man called Scott Rocklage and they are based in Massachusetts. Patty has more than 20 years of experience as a therapist dealing with marital issues as well as family related matters and more information click here.

With her amazing communication skills, she has offered help to so many families as well as couples faced with life challenges. She is a product of the University of Southern California where she took psychology studies. She is a great leader, and during her service as a therapist, she has acquired incredible understanding in team building, teaching, communication skills, community outreach as well as coaching. With her many skills, she has managed to effectively tackle many issues bothering couples, families and individual people. Through her, so many lives have changed. She is so relevant by impacting the lives of many people positively. In combination with her husband’s skills and vast experience in pharmaceuticals, the two make a perfect match and learn more about Patty.

Patty Rocklage and her husband came to a conclusion of renovating their house. This was after an extended period of displeasure that they had towards the house. They considered doing a complete exterior as well as internal face-lift of the house. They began a journey of looking for a perfect company that could carry out the project flawlessly. Their search led them to Ed Freedlender and his construction company called Sudbury that offered them the excellent services they deserved. Their renovation concern involved the kitchen which was outside their house, a fact that gave them much displeasure. Ed Freedlender was their best choice to help them with the kitchen issue by either renovating it or building another kitchen inside the house. In their quest to the renovation project, the couple came to learn that Sudbury Company would help them in saving time and money.

Considering the fare price charged by Ed Freedlender, they decided to settle for the offer. The renovation work began immediately after the final design’s approval by the company. Even though the repair work took longer than it was intended, the end results were perfect and satisfactory to Patty Rocklage and the husband.

Other Reference: https://twitter.com/procklage

All You Need to Know about OSI CEO, David G. McDonald

David G. McDonald, also popularly known as Dave, is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer at OSI Group, LLC. Born in 1964, McDonald began his career at OSI Industries in Chicago after graduating from Iowa University with a degree in animal science. Since then, he has worked his way up to become the president and the CEO of the ISO Group. Interested in utilizing resources for the benefit of the society, and the world at large, Mc Donald has proven to be the ideal leader of the OSI.

The OSI group, headquartered in Aurora, IL, was founded by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. Since inception, the food processing company has been transformed into the premier supplier of custom made value-added foods to the leading global food suppliers and retailers. The food processing company offers a variety of foods such as beef, poultry, pork, bacon, entrée assembly and fried foods. Apart from the food processing, OSI group boasts of its extensive involvement in food process engineering, value-addition development, food safety and quality assurance and what David knows.

Sustainability Projects of ISO

David G. McDonald, the CEO of the OSI Group, has been of vital help and has played a crucial role in ensuring the OSI is in a position to meet its sustainability agenda. In OSI quest to achieve it sustainability purpose under the guidance of McDonald, it has engaged in various global projects. Below are some of the key milestones;

1. All of OSI food products and manufacturing plants in Europe have achieved an ISO 14001 certification.

2. In 2015, OSI Group donated a combined 135 metric tonnes of food to feeding facilities and food banks to different countries including Philippines and America.

3. To raise public awareness of key issues in the food industry, ISO Group has sponsored multiple conferences, workshops, welfare initiatives and training sessions and more information click here.

Acquisition of Baho Foods
In a press release dated 8, August 2016, OSI Group announced the acquisition of a controlling stake in Baho foods. Baho Foods was a Dutch based company that was involved in the processing of meat products and other products for retail industries and foodservice. Before the merger, Baho foods had operating plants in Netherlands and Germany.
According to McDonald, the CEO of OSI Group, he saw the merger move as a way of increasing the OSI presence in Europe. Moreover, he acknowledged that Baho`s excellent portfolio of products and brand would bolster OSI`s current strengths. On the other hand, John Balvers, the CEO of Baho Foods was equally excited by the merger and his Linkedin.

Stephen Rotella: CEO of StoneCastle Cash Managemnt, LLC

Stephen Rotella is the Chief Executive Officer at StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC. He also served as the President of Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Chase Home Finance, LLC. Mr. Rotella also served as the Executive Vice President of JP Morgan Chase since the year 2001. From the year 2005 to 2008, he was the Chief Operating Officer as well as the President of WMI Holdings Corp. While serving as the President of Retail Banking at WMI Holdings Corp between June and October 2008, he was in charge of the retail, commercial, and mortgage departments.

Being the president of StoneCastle Partners, LLC, Mr. Rotella is responsible for the day to day activities of the company. His great contribution can be attributed to the development of the firm’s services and products. The world views StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC, as a financial management solution for both organizations and other financial institutions.

Stephen Rotella brings to the table an experience of over 30 years in financial services to the firm. Interesting to note is the fact that he was the CEO of Chase Home Finance for 18 years which is a leading financial lender in the state. At the same time, he was a member of the Executive Committee. Stephen Rotella holds a BA in Economics from the State University of New York and an MBA in Finance and Information Systems in the year 1978.

Giving back to the community

In addition to being exceptional in financial matters; Mr. Rotella is actively involved in community work. This is evident in his position as a Chair of the Board of Lift Communities; an organization whose initiative is to curb poverty for young parents. Also, he was on the Boards of ArtsFund, Seattle Foundation, Youthcare, and Ballet Met and more information click here.

About StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC

The company is owned by StoneCastle Partners, LLC, founded in the year 2003. It is best known for being a set-pacer of insured cash solutions for big investors and most institutions around the world. This has been made possible through the invention of a cash sweep solution and other programs that are easily and readily available to stakeholders and Stephen of Linkedin.

Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

JMH Development is a real estate development company based in New York. For the enterprise, they delight in the development of projects with the highest level of innovation and latest technology. Jason Halpern is the principal leader of the company through leadership and innovation. As a matter of fact, The Company has announced along with the principal leader that they have reached the topping off of the Southern Aloft Beach. This is one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital at the end of a new era. The Aloft South Beach is one of the oldest buildings in the heart of Miami Beach. For this reason, they were called upon to take part in the leadership of the construction process of the building through their high-end development procedures only realised through their innovation. As a matter of fact, the company has developed heir intimate technological resolutions through management positions.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

The 240-room hotel will be open by the end of 2015 in Miai Beach. According o the construction programmers of the building, JMH Development was given the task to choose three other companies which will work together to complete the construction process by the end of the stated time using the highest level of technology and innovation in the land. JMH Development went on to choose the Madden Property Development Company based in Miami to assist it with the development of the structure. According to the original plan of the construction process, I will also have an inclusion of the eight-story tower building which will act as the store house for all the construction development processes in the region. For this reason, we are delighted to have the process work for the greater good of the people in the company.


JMH Development also made a decision o have Plaza Construction Company work to solve the issues about he construction process in the structure. While the company was working on the construction process, ADD Construction was issued with the task to develop the construction process with the highest level of construction. ADD Architectures Company has given the task to ensure that the companies are working in the building adhered to the architectural design of the buildings. For this reason, we are all enlightened to have the sense of delightedness in the structures.


In the region, there is no other building which has bigger and larger rooms than the historic Ankara Motel reconstruction. For this reason, they will take on this as a sign of innovation to develop high-end solutions to the problems faced by the people in the region. While JMH Development was happy about the reaching of the topping off of the Southern Aloft Beach, the company also feels that it was part of the process of construction the building with the highest level of technology.


Mike Empowers Swiss Youth

In the modern times, the world has changed significantly. There has been a lot of growth in technology and development. This has been made possible by different individuals who come up with useful inventory ideas. Mike Baur is one of these people. He has made a lot of contribution in the finance sector, earning the respect of many people in the world.

Mike started his finance career at a young age. After completing his high school education, he joined the business industry, and after several attempts, he became very successful. Mike is a renowned serial entrepreneur, specializing in the several industries. He was an average student while in school, and he has proved that with hard word and determination, it is possible to succeed.

He has worked for several companies in the past, and he is believed to have made a lot of positive changes. One of the companies he worked for is known as Clariden. He was also a banker in Salford. He worked hard as a banker, becoming an executive at the Swiss bank. He has worked for the Swiss private bank for over two decades, acquiring the expertise and experience needed to start a company.

After being employed for many years, Mike decided to start his own company. He founded an institution known as Swiss Start –Up Factory. The company is popularly known as SSUF, and its main objective is to help young businessmen, especially the ones specializing in the competitive digital technology.

Mike Baur started SSUF with several other people. The group was fortunate to start a successful institution that has become one of the leading private and independent ICT accelerator firm in the nation. The company is believed to have been launched in the year 2014, and it has changed the lives of many young digital businessmen. The institution offers these young people good opportunities using their business network across the world.

Apart from giving young people opportunities through his firm, Mike Baur also mentors the youth in his area during his free time. Due to his experience in the banking industry, Mike helps the youth get entrepreneurial skills.

SSUF achieves its objectives by running a special program that lasts for three months. The program helps to coach and mentor the young entrepreneurs. At the end of the program, the participants are given a reliable office space in Zurich. They are also offered an effective business network to help them get the success they need.