How Beneful Got Its Name

You may have heard of Beneful dog food, but do you know how Beneful got its name? Beneful pet food was introduced to the world in 2001, originated by the Nestle Purina Petcare company. The product line consists of both wet and dry dog food and dog treats.

Beneful, according to the company, was named for being “full of goodness.” This nutrition-focused product has been a largely popular brand in the pet food market for several years. One of the first dog food products with pet-first marketing, commercials often showing happy dogs taking notice when presented with a bag of Beneful.

The Beneful brand is known for marketing that attempts to bring pet and owner together. Not only is Beneful by Purina the first brand to do this in commercial advertisement and in packaging, but it is also one of the leading brands in pet-centric marketing. Over a decade has passed since Beneful first began. Beneful has been a pet favorite for many years, because of its pioneered pet-centric marketing strategy.

Beneful means “full of goodness”, the benefit to your pet is in the nutritional value of the dog food itself. Purina Beneful’s wet and dry foods will keep dogs and pet owners happy for many years to come.