Adam Goldenberg Makes Style Possible For The Interested

People who take an interest in fashion and style tend to look at everything they can find in order to figure out a certain style for themselves. However, it is very hard for someone to find a unique style without the right store. This is where JustFab comes in. JustFab is an online clothing retailer on that offers a lot of unique choices in fashion such as clothing and accessories. They will not only find the types of clothing that they will enjoy with the JustFab clothing network, but they will also find products that will make their peers envy them.

JustFab and all of the products being offered are made possible with Adam Goldenberg. He is someone that handles the marketing and the financial aspects of JustFab. Adam understands what it takes to bring awareness to a brand in a way that makes people want to buy the item. One thing that he believes in is putting together good products. Adam Goldenberg understands the problem with companies just marketing their products as opposed to making a really good and unique product for sale. After all, one of the factors that determines whether or not customers continue to shop at a store is whether or not they like the products being sold.

Since Adam Goldenberg cares about how the customers feel about the products, it is only natural that he is going to want feedback. He will use the feedback in order to continue providing customers with what they want. Meanwhile, Adam Goldenberg is also open to trying some new products and designs that may be a hit with customers. Of course, the new ones that sell the most are going to be around for a while.

One advantage that JustFab has over other retailers is that they are driven by metrics which gives the company the ability to adapt quickly. There are many daily numbers checks. In some cases, numbers are checked on an hourly basis in order to make sure that business is working as it should be. Also, the metrics also helps people determine what is selling. Adam Goldenberg is someone that is constantly on the look out for any weaknesses in the company at

An Interview with Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is many things including a businessman, philanthropist, as well as a lover and preserver of nature. In his many business endeavors, Andy Wirth has always been fully committed to showing the public the beauty of nature and how it can be linked to true luxury.

His current business is the Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is the result of two ski resorts merged together to create more opportunities and land to explore for skiers. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth has over 25 years of experience with this industry and has the mission of making his ski resort one of the top places to visit in the world. Within the past six years of being the leader of this resort, Andy Wirth has been able to help this resort earn the position in the top 20 percent of ski resorts in the United States.

As a businessman, Andy Wirth earned this ski resort from the Cushing family. The Cushing family was the original owner of this resort and has held this resort within the family for the past 70 years.

Though this family was a family owned business, it became a faltering business after this resort hosted the Olympians during the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Andy Wirth was entrusted with the family business due to his excellent business background as well as his love of nature. Nancy Cushing, the most recent owner, entrusted Mr. Wirth to help regrow the business in order to make it one of the most sought after ski resorts in the country if not the world.

Andy Wirth has since then not only put in hard work, but has also poured over $70 million into renovating this ski resort.  Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

In recent news, Andy Wirth was asked by the KCRW radio station to be interviewed as an expert on a certain topic. This topic concerned the drought that has hit the West Coast over the past few years and has been causing devastation to crops as well as to businesses on the West Coast. As a leading individual in an industry that relies heavily on the amount of rainfall each year, the KCRW radio station was interested to hear what Mr. Wirth had to say.

In response to these inquires, Andy Wirth did admit that the ski resort industry on the West Coast has been faltering.

However, Andy Wirth did mention that his business has not only been unaffected by the drought, it has also been thriving thanks to Andy Wirth’s innovative business skills.

After understanding that the West Coast was involved in a drought, Andy Wirth has since then made several investments for the business that has enabled the resort to use water in a more efficient and conservative way.

Search Cleanup Helping you Deal with Negative Reputation

Maintaining a good organization reputation is one of the keys to business success. Everyone who owns a business or looking forward to owning one should invest on maintain a positive reputation. A positive reputation will help you build customer loyalty as well as help you increase your customer base. However, as you grow and expand, learning how to maintain a good reputation through quality services and products may not be enough. You must be equipped to deal with negative reputation coming from your haters or competitors. Because, this will be part of you as you grow. Here are some tips on how to deal with attacks on your reputation:

Be the Bigger Person

The best way to dealing with attacks on your reputation is being the bigger person. Respond to your attackers in a respectful manner instead of trying to get into a fight with them. This will work to your advantage. Your clients will see that you are capable of maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.

Communicate with Your Customers

Whenever your reputation is attacked the first thing you should think about is reassuring your customers. Reassurance should be the form of both words and action. Explain yourself to them and make it clear that the attack is only the work of those who feel threatened by your success. Assure them that you will continue serving them as you did in the past. Support your word with your actions. Make your services or products even better so that your customers will stick with you.

Get Help from a Professional

If the attack was in writing on the internet, you will definitely need help in getting rid of the negative statements. can help you clean up negative articles about your business. Using the services of will ensure that your business over the internet is not affected.

Remember your Goals

When attacked, remember the reason as to why you decided to start your business. Stay on course. This will help you keep distracted from all the negativity. Visit Search Cleanup on Facebook to learn more about their services.

Medicare Advantage Plans: A Few Companies to Consider

Medicare Advantage Plans are health insurance policies that are purchased through private companies (third party) that contract out to Medicare. These health insurance plans offer different types of coverage for a wide variety of medical services commonly covered by Medicare. Additionally, these policies can also be combined with other plans as a supplement to ones that have limited coverage.

Choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan Provider
When opting for health insurance through Medicare and Medicare affiliates, there is an abundance of options pf coverage through Medicare Advantage Plans that save you cost for certain health services such as dental, optical, hospice, surgical, home care, prescription coverage and more.

Read more: Meet Our CEO

Here are just a few reputable vendors that boast the best Medicare Advantage Plans:

Humana Advantage Care Plan Packages
Humana has earned a viable reputation as a major insurance provider all over the United States. They are contracted out through Medicaid and Medicare now and offer numerous different care plans that can supply you with the best coverage across the board for an abundance of health care services. Many physicians accept Humana as it is well-trusted and very reliable.

United Health Care Medicare Advantage Plan
United Health Care is another well-recognized name in health insurance that boasts some of the best insurance plans and policies you can find right now according to Penelope Kokkinides. They are relatively inexpensive and offer a myriad of no-fuss plans that are easy to choose from, buy and utilize. Additionally, United Health Care also offers plans such as MedicareComplete and AARP health plans that provide buyers extra incentives and savings.

InnovaCare Health Medicare Advantage Plans and Physicians Practice Services
InnovaCare Health is dominating the Puerto Rican market in Medicare Advantage Plans and has garnered a vast amount of notoriety and recognition for providing superior health care plans which are partnered up with Medicare.

InnovaCare is the only insurance vendor in Puerto Rico that has received such high accreditation. Their dedication, commitment and forth-right value of excellence has enabled them to bring some of the most cost-effective, high-quality, and most diverse health insurance plans and physician practice services to people all over the United States and in North America.

Medicare Advantage Plans: Bottom Line
Medicare Advantage Plans all provide the same coverage as Part B and Part A Medicare plans do according to Rick Shinto, but they also enable a person much cost-savings and options that can help them better customize their health care coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans vary by State so you should be absolutely certain what each provider of the plan covers, before making a final decision.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

Why Does Fabletics Work For All Women?

Fabletics is the perfect thing for people who are trying to look great even though they do not have long to get ready in the morning. Someone who is trying to make sure that they look great should try Fabletics, and they should look at the spread in Marie Claire at The spread explains how women can look good in athleisure, and Kate Hudson started the brand because she has never had that much time to commit to her clothes in the morning. She is a busy mom, and she needs to go about her day quickly and easily. Everyone who wants to look better should start checking the catalog and use the recommendations that Kate Hudson has.

Kate Hudson looks amazing in all her Fabletics clothes, and they cover a wide range of colors so that she can always wear something interesting. She needs to have something that goes on fast and looks good because she knows someone will snap a picture of her that day. She has the right colors and styles on every day, and she feels good when she goes to the gym. She can head to the gym to work out, and she can pick her kids up from school all in the same clothes.

There are a lot of colors and options from Fabletics, and these items are easy to change into during the day. A woman who wants to make sure that she looks her best needs to make sure that she is in something she feels comfortable with. She can weather a jacket with her sports bra and tights, or she can wear a sweater that works with her workout clothes. Women who like to get to the gym do not have all day to change, and they can toss on something that looks good on them without spending too much time on it.

Mixing athletic and casual clothes works on the town when a woman wants to go shopping or go to lunch. She can meet her friends across town, but she will still look like she stepped off a runway. This is the biggest thing in clothing today, and it is something that all women need to be aware when they want simpler clothes.

Everyone who is looking for a way to look great needs to remember that they can use all the different items from Fabletics to get into the athleisure craze. They were the first company to specialize in it, and they were the company that started the trend for today. It is a very good thing for people to use, and it is something that helps women look sexy and fierce even though they only spent a few seconds getting ready.

You Can Avoid Getting Into A Mess By Using SearchCleanup

From time to time information is bound to circulate the internet that’s just not true or is very misleading. It can be very frustrating for you if you have built up a great business, or sold products to customers who have come to like you, only to see somebody out there start publishing information about you that’s not true or doesn’t have all the facts. When that happens, you may not know what to do, especially when rumors start circulating around calling you or your business into question, or even start getting other people to believe in the false claims against you.

When that happens, avoid publishing vitriolic material, or going onto the perpetrator’s social media page or website to attack them. If you do, the person or entity who published the misleading information about you can end up winning if they bring out the worst in you like that. And you don’t want your current customers questioning you or your company methods when you do that, or driving away potential future customers. Instead, what you should focus on is having examples of things your business does that contradicts what your attacker says published, and then building up stronger relationships with existing customers and potential new ones. You also may want to point to positive reviews, or pages where your company has been vouched for by professional organizations that can negate any accusations against you.

When extra steps have to be taken to get rid of bad publicity, is what you should use to do so. Sometimes there are articles, old reviews, or irrelevant information about you posted online that should be taken down, but perhaps you just can’t get rid of it. SearchCleanup is a team of experts who are skilled at cleaning up bad press and cleaning up search engine results that negatively impact individuals or businesses. Getting a cleanup done by them isn’t hard, just simply signup at and they can get started on making sure your search results are free of bad information.

Breakfast, Makeup and Clothes: Morning Routine

“I woke up like this!”
Not. Here’s Wengie’s routine to show how she goes from asleep to fully ready for her day. Be prepared, though, it takes a while for her to get ready! Routines are important to keep you alert and feeling happy. If you don’t stick to a routine, your emotions and hormones can be all over the place, so starting a routine for yourself is a good idea.

Wake Up
After waking up and completing the essentials like brushing her teeth and using the bathroom, Wengie heads to her vanity to cleanse her face and start applying makeup. She uses Origins Original Skin Care Serum on her face to give it a natural glow and minimize her pores.

Next is breakfast! She prepares a quick, healthy avocado toast. This toast is part of her seven day healthy eating plan that you can watch for more recipes and ideas. After making her breakfast, she prepares her breakfast water concoction of water and Aloe Vera juice with some lemon for a healthy flavor and cleansing drink. Then she heads to her laptop to watch some Netflix while she eats. A girl can’t get too much Netflix!

For Wengie’s makeup products, follow these links:

Naked 2 Palette
24-Hour Eyeliner
24-Hour Mascara

Watch her do a simple wing and some neutral eye shadow colors on her face, then add some lipstick before moving on to her outfit.

Dress and Accessories
A simple dress, accessories and a handbag later, Wengie is all ready for her day and looking great! Don’t forget to subscribe to her channel for more videos like this one! Also, follow the links to either purchase Wengie’s same products, or watch more of her videos.


Learn more about Wengie:

Boraie Development Sponsors Free Movie Outings In The Summer

New Brunswick based real estate development firm, Boraie Development is teaming up with the Provident Bank Foundation to sponsor free movie outings at the State Theater in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey. A total of six shows will be sponsored during the summer. There will be a morning show and an evening show. 10:30 AM is when the morning showing kicks off, while the evening movie night will begin at 7:30 PM.

The lineup for the Summer Movie Series this year is Frozen, Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2, Babe, Monster University and Aladdin. All movies in the Summer Movie Series are free to the public thanks to the sponsorship of Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation. The Summer Movie Series was a hit last year and is now returning. It gives families with young children an opportunity to experience a family friendly movie at the historic and magnificent New Jersey State Theater for free.

The Theater was built in 1921 and originally hosted live vaudeville shows before cinema became widely shown around the country. It has a seating capacity of 1,850 people and is a premier live event performance venue in the state of New Jersey. More than 7,500 people are expected to partake in the summer movie series this year at the New Jersey State Theater.  Read more:

Despite its age and history the New Jersey State Theater is completely modern and has all the amenities of a modern theater. It uses state of the art equipment which includes a 46 foot Stewart film screen, a Barco movie projector and crisp digital surround sound throughout the theater. One of the hallmarks of the theater is its design.

Guests can have a seat on the balcony level or beneath the stairs on the ground level. A movie at the New Jersey State Theater is like a time warp back in time. For more on the sponsorship of the Summer Movie Series by Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation check out this article on the New Jersey Stage.

The vice president of Boraie Development, Hiam Boraie says that he is proud to sponsor an event in his local community that will bring people together. His firm has been involved in several redevelopment projects in the city. This includes the newly finished and now ready for leasing Aspire luxury apartment development in downtown New Brunswick.

Other projects that Boraie Development has completed in New Brunwsick include the Albany Street Plaza building and the 390 George Street Development. Albany Street Plaza includes both retail and office space, while 390 George Street has office space for leasing.

Learn more about Boraie Development:

Benefits of Using Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a classroom platform that was designed to give students, teachers and parents an opportunity to interact. It was launched in June 1st 2011 by Sam Chaudhary, who had the vision of helping teachers and parents work together in promoting and monitoring students’ progress in school and at home. The platform has so far benefited residents of the United States and other countries. The program is said to be operational in over two hundred countries and states in the world. Through Class Dojo, parents are able to understand what goes in their children’s’ classes and thus are in a position to contribute to any issue or concern that may come up from an informed point of view.

The Class Dojo platform is an alternative to physical classrooms since during every session, users are able to get a classroom feeling. Through Class Dojo parents and teachers are able to interact thus making the whole experience exciting and fun. The platform has instant messaging apps that are only available to the users. They are confidential and teachers, parents and students are able to raise their concerns without any fear. Class Dojo also has a photograph section that is used to store photos that are taken during class sessions. The platform also affords parents different languages. So parents can get regularly updated without necessarily looking for translators if they do not understand a particular language. It is also convenient since Class Dojo is not only found in the United States but also other countries.

The platform has been able to get the support of good investors who are committed to see the success of Class Dojo. The investors of Class Dojo are: General Catalyst, GSV, SV Angel, Signal Fire and Imagine K12/Y Combinator. Recently in an effort to promote its services and products, Class Dojo has been working with Stanford University in order to produce videos that will be used in the classrooms to enhance learning opportunity for students. The videos that will be produced are based on books that children enjoy reading and thus animated versions of them will enhance their understanding and increase their participation in class.

Class Dojo is secure and provides for the privacy of the users. The users can also enjoy private sessions with each other during times convenient to them. Through its website, one can learn how to enroll for the platform and also how to maximize on the use of Class Dojo.


Learn more about Class Dojo:

How Talk Fusion is Taking Marketing to Another Level.

Talk Fusion is a leading video marketing company that was established in 2007 by Bob Reina, who currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. The company has committed itself to facilitating progress in enterprises through its registered video marketing system. They use direct selling in distributing products and has invented the first ever immediate pay compensation strategy. Talk Fusion’s creative products are advertised globally from one individual to another by self-regulating agents in more than 140 countries. The company operates by highest standards of business ethics and is part of the highly esteemed Direct Selling Association. Talk Fusion has devoted itself to supporting families, communities and animal charities in different nations as a way of giving back to the society and promoting constructive global transformation.

The company recently released a trial form of its video marketing system that will be available to users free of charge for 30 days without any risks. It will be accessible in nine major languages in more than 140 countries that use Talk Fusion services. Technology professionals who work for the company have spent thousands of hours working hard to come up with the video marketing solution that can be best understood by users who have already experienced its effectiveness. According to Mr. Reina, Talk Fusion is determined to spread the video advertisement system to as many people as possible for them to test and buy it.

Businesses, charities, and individuals, who are keen to know the benefits of Talk Fusion’s products can sign up on the firm’s superb and easy-to-use website: The site does not request for a credit card, and the users are only required to provide a name and an email address. When users sign up for the free trial, they can access the Video Newsletter, Live Meetings, Video Email, Sign-up Forms and Video Chart, which was recognized this year as the WebRTC Product of the Year.

New clients who use the products’ free version notice its outstanding benefits as soon as they start using it. The Talk Fusion website has a well-equipped virtual library that helps free trial users explore all sections of the product. The library is easy to use and has useful properties such as product guidelines, video tutorials and white papers that give valuable knowledge on how to grow an enterprise.