Dragons and Antagonists


If you’re looking for great television programming and somehow don’t already know, HBO is a great place to turn to. Current HBO shows are some of the best television shows out today. Even if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones you have surely heard the commotion it makes every spring. Don’t be out of the loop any longer. It is never too late to catch up on the show with the wide variety of ways to stream HBO’s programming and let’s not forget BluRay and DVD players still exist.


If you’d rather be catching villains than raining down fire upon a dragon’s back, True Detective season 3 has been confirmed. True Detective is another hit show from HBO, and with each season being a completely different story there is no need to catch up. Just tune in for the season when it premieres later this year.

In case you can’t wait here is a list of the top 5 movie and TV villains of all time.


5) Max Cady; Cape Fear


4) Bane; The Dark Knight


3) Professor Umbridge; Harry Potter Series, and there are some great Harry Potter theories about her.


2) Scar; The Lion King


1) Joffrey; Game of Thrones


Most Edited Wikipedia Artciles of 2016

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia. The most edited articles have been revealed for the year from Wikipedia. Some of them are completely surprising, such as articles about the Panama Papers, Brexit, recent controversial news topics, and the Orlando nightclub shooting. The popularity of editing others is a little more mysterious. Examples of these articles would be RuPaul’s Drag Race as well as one for a fictional character named Beverly Gray. This one is the subject of a series of 26 mystery stories. They were written between 1934 and 1955.

The Vincent Van Gogh article was edited thousands of times this year. Wikipedia editors wanted to clarify any misunderstandings about the artist. It was done in hopes of accomplishing “featured” status for the page.

The most edited article so far was for Deaths in 2016. This was edited 18,230 times. Here is a list of notable people who died this year:

* John Glenn

* Prince

* Fidel Castro

* Janet Reno

* Davis Bowie

* Muhammad Ali

* Leonard Cohen

* Gwen Ifill

The second most edited was Donald Trump’s entry. This had 8,933 Wikipedia edits as of December 21st. There is also a good chance that Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page will come under even more scrutiny. George W. Bush’s article has the most Wikipedia edits of any article in English in the history of the site. It had 45,862 revisions. This was revealed earlier this year by The Wikimedia Foundation.

The job of Wikipedia editors is more important than ever when it comes to fake news. It has become dangerously prevalent in this era. Wikipedia has an entry for “Fake news website”. In the past month, it has been become very popular. The site has nearly 1,000 edits in the first two weeks in the month of December alone.

The Benefits of a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia allows you to edit or make a Wikipedia page. It can be huge for your business as well as offer you benefits. http://www.getyourwiki.com/ can be a great resource as well. Here some of the benefits you get with a Wikipedia page:

* It provides you with an extra and credible website presence that will depict your business with integrity.

* Your personal brand or business Wikipedia page can produce significant improvement to your business and reputation.

* It can produce a significant positive increase in your sales

* It adds a level of credibility, authenticity, and prestige to your persona, brand, or business.

* It enhances your visibility in the search engine results

* You can edit or create your business brand or biography post on its website.

When you edit or make a Wikipedia page, it can bring a lot of success to your business or brand. Again, you can go http://www.getyourwiki.com/ as a source of knowledgeable Wikipedia writers that can do this for you.

How to Work with the Midas Legacy

If you are young and looking to start your retirement plan, one of the main issues that you might have is trying to figure out the best options available to you and which retirement accounts you need and which ones you can avoid to save yourself some money. In general, the sooner you start planning for your retirement, the better your chances of having enough money to do what you need and want to do. There are a lot of people who are currently looking into working with a company known as the Midas Legacy because this is a company that enables you to get retirement planning done in an efficient manner.

The Midas Legacy is a wealth management company that works with individuals and business owners alike to better manage their finances and plan for the future. When using the Midas Legacy, they will take all of your financial aspects into consideration and can plan a variety of different accounts for you so that you can retire with these. When you are able to retire with enough money in your account, you will find that your life is more peaceful and less stressful because you do not have to worry about money any longer.

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The Midas Legacy – Giving Back

The reason a lot of people are choosing to use the Midas Legacy as opposed to any other type of wealth management company out there is because of the experience and expertise that this company offers to their clients. The Midas Legacy has been in business for many years now and continues to be a top contender in the wealth management industry. This is why it pays to hire them for this particular service and use them for your own account management and setting up of any retirement funds that you want.

Now that you know how important it is to plan for your retirement, it is ideal that you work with a company like the Midas Legacy so that you can get the help that you need to do so in a professional manner. There are many people who are currently using the Midas Legacy with amazing results and it has allowed them to retire with enough money in their account to live peacefully and financially sound. This is a great company for you to work with as well and their competitive rates make it easy and affordable to hire them for this particular service.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy: https://www.linkedin.com/in/midas-legacy-00b31556

ClassDojo Creating A Culture and Community Between Teachers, Parents and Student Through Tech Platforms


Many Stanford University Researchers have partnered with ClassDojo to teach people about the highly misunderstood concept of “growth mindset,” which has put forward a new concept of intelligence. The partnership was announced Tuesday where Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) and Class Dojo developed five-part series of animated videos that will be available for free to the teachers in the coming weeks. It is a great opportunity for Class Dojo to bring its “Big Ideas” series into the classrooms.


The concept of growth mindset was recently popularized by Stanford’s Carol Dweck and her colleagues who have presented the theory that the abilities and intelligence of students can be developed over time when the right way of encouragement is put in place. Dweck and her colleagues have concluded that actions such as praising children have the positive reaction of making them work harder. However, praising children for being smart generates adverse reaction where the children fear to take necessary risks that can make them smart enough.


The findings show that appreciating children is insufficient to ensure progress of children in schools. Teachers and instructors have to do the work of appreciating hard work and helping the students to generate the desired results. A ClassDojo co-founder is optimistic about the new project saying it grew out of classroom observations where the teachers used the time between the classes to play instructional YouTube videos. It was one way to bring teachers tried to bring growth mindset into the classrooms.


The significance of the recent ClassDojo’s communication app has been recognized by many including funders interested in promoting educational programs. ClassDojo has even raised $21 million venture funding in a Series B round which aims to connect technology, students, and parents. The aim of ClassDojo’s communication app is to help communicate more consistently about student’s activities, social and behavioral development.


The team is now trying to figure out the features and content that may be useful for parents both at school and home. The idea of the app is that parents can help to support or enhance learning and development of their kids at school. When ClassDojo was founded in 2011, other startups have been launched to create digital curriculum, testing platforms, and grading books, but no company thought of a free and easy app that could create a culture and community among students, teachers, and parents.

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Sanjay Shah’s Family Struggle Become A Charity

Sanjay Shah is a very successful business owner, but he is also the father of an autistic son. He has a son that will have a hard time in school, and he wants to see if he can raise enough money to help kids like his son. He wants to make it fun for everyone, and that is why Autism Rocks is set up the way it is. It is supposed to be a fun charity that raises awareness that was just not there before. Big concerts with famous stars will create awareness like nothing else, and Sanjay Shah Denmark tries to make everyone bigger than the last.

The typical concert from Autism Rocks is made for adults where they can come out and have a drink while they watch their favorite musicians in a closed arena. That makes it fun for everyone because they feel like are really going to a private concert, and then they will donate because they are having so much fun. These are not really events for kids because there is an open bar, and all the people can mingle with the musicians when the concerts are over.

The festival itself is going to be a good time for everyone, but it is just one more way to raise money. Autism Rocks has raised a lot of money in its short life, and the Shah family are all participating because they are all living with autism in one way or another every day.

The festival that Sanjay Shah and his family set up for the Autism Rocks charity is a place where families can show up with their kids to enjoy a good time and still raise money for the charity. He is expanding the charity to make sure that he can include all the members of the family, and he also wants to be sure that he has included kids like his son so they know that they are a part of the project. Sanjay Shah and his family are fighting autism every day, and now he can actually offer money back for research to help other people like his son.


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Choosing A Reliable PPC Ad Management Service

PPC advertising is a great way to quickly generate traffic to your business or offers. Many businesses prefer this type of advertising program to any other because of the quick results you can get.

All you need to do, is set up your campaign, bid on ad costs and start getting traffic. But it is not advisable to get started without getting the right training. That’s where PPC advertising specialists come in.

White Shark Media is a renowned company in the advertising industry. With a team of highly qualified marketing and advertising experts, White Shark Media Review team delivers the solutions small and mid-sized businesses need to reach their goals. White Shark Media can help take your business to the next level by reaching the right audience.

White Shark Media offer effective PPC advertising management, focusing primarily on Adwords PPC. Adwords is a popular platform that enables businesses of all types and sizes, including large corporations, to reach their target audience and promote their products, services and their brand. Learn more about White Shark Media Review: https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc

Their bid and budget management solution gives clients the confidence to know that they are going to maximize their budgets, delivering top quality results that exceed expectations.

Successful ad management require constant monitoring, testing and refinement to maintain optimal performance. It is important to have a team of experts who knows how to scale, and capitalize on successful advertising campaigns without overstaying the welcome.

A knowledgeable PPC advertising specialist will maximize the return on investment (ROI) on your ad campaigns, enabling you to generate targeted traffic to your offers without wasting your ad budget in the process.

White Shark Media is highly dedicated to delivering performance-driven digital marketing and advertising strategies for businesses. The professionals at White Shark Media know how important it is for you to have an effective advertising management system, and whether you a beginner in the PPC advertising field or you have been using this platform for years, White Shark Media is the PPC management company you need.

This video explains everything:

White Shark Media has provided search engine marketing and related services for thousands of businesses, and they can work for your business needs.

With the services provided by White Shark Media, you can run a profitable campaign, maximize your advertising budget, and achieve the success you desire.

Find out what makes White Shark Media different. Visit their website, check out the various advertising services they offer, and contact them for your consultation.

A Guide to Managing your Own Reputation

Reputation is one of the foundations of a successful business. If ruined, this could mean that there are pretty narrow chances for the business to survive and thrive. It’s no wonder businesses have been investing heavily in having a manager, such as, searchcleanup.com, to clean up bad news online and monitor and manage their reputation. However, this doesn’t mean that businesses who cannot spare money to pay for reputation management services cannot successfully achieve a great reputation. Companies can still work to maintain their reputation, themselves, in the following ways;

Get Active on Social Media
One of the best ways to manage your online reputation is by setting up social media accounts. Ensure that your company has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. Make regular posts on this social media accounts and link them to each other. When making your posts, ensure that you they utilize keywords that increase your visibility over search engines.

Put Preventive Measures in Place
Prevention is always cheaper than remediation. It is important that companies device a strategy for barricading online attacks instead of planning to deal with them when they arise. Utilize Search Engine Optimization and always write helpful and positive articles that appear on the front pages of search engines. This will help in burying down negative searches even when attacks are made on your brand. Therefore, it helps reduce chances of people running on such negative articles about your company.

If you do not currently have a blog, it is time that you did. You can choose to open a separate blog website or just blog on your official page. Write helpful content and make regular posts on your blog. If you choose to open a separate blog account, ensure that it is linked to your website. Also, ensure that the url includes the name of your company. This will increase positive visibility over search engines.

Managing your reputation should be a daily-basis affair. The task might seem costly, in terms of time. However, this is nothing compared to the value obtained. If you think this is too much a task on your business, hire the services searchcleanup.com, one of the best at this job.

Mike Empowers Swiss Youth

In the modern times, the world has changed significantly. There has been a lot of growth in technology and development. This has been made possible by different individuals who come up with useful inventory ideas. Mike Baur is one of these people. He has made a lot of contribution in the finance sector, earning the respect of many people in the world.

Mike started his finance career at a young age. After completing his high school education, he joined the business industry, and after several attempts, he became very successful. Mike is a renowned serial entrepreneur, specializing in the several industries. He was an average student while in school, and he has proved that with hard word and determination, it is possible to succeed.

He has worked for several companies in the past, and he is believed to have made a lot of positive changes. One of the companies he worked for is known as Clariden. He was also a banker in Salford. He worked hard as a banker, becoming an executive at the Swiss bank. He has worked for the Swiss private bank for over two decades, acquiring the expertise and experience needed to start a company.

After being employed for many years, Mike decided to start his own company. He founded an institution known as Swiss Start –Up Factory. The company is popularly known as SSUF, and its main objective is to help young businessmen, especially the ones specializing in the competitive digital technology.

Mike Baur started SSUF with several other people. The group was fortunate to start a successful institution that has become one of the leading private and independent ICT accelerator firm in the nation. The company is believed to have been launched in the year 2014, and it has changed the lives of many young digital businessmen. The institution offers these young people good opportunities using their business network across the world.

Apart from giving young people opportunities through his firm, Mike Baur also mentors the youth in his area during his free time. Due to his experience in the banking industry, Mike helps the youth get entrepreneurial skills.

SSUF achieves its objectives by running a special program that lasts for three months. The program helps to coach and mentor the young entrepreneurs. At the end of the program, the participants are given a reliable office space in Zurich. They are also offered an effective business network to help them get the success they need.

Adam Goldenberg Makes Style Possible For The Interested

People who take an interest in fashion and style tend to look at everything they can find in order to figure out a certain style for themselves. However, it is very hard for someone to find a unique style without the right store. This is where JustFab comes in. JustFab is an online clothing retailer on entrepreneur.wiki that offers a lot of unique choices in fashion such as clothing and accessories. They will not only find the types of clothing that they will enjoy with the JustFab clothing network, but they will also find products that will make their peers envy them.

JustFab and all of the products being offered are made possible with Adam Goldenberg. He is someone that handles the marketing and the financial aspects of JustFab. Adam understands what it takes to bring awareness to a brand in a way that makes people want to buy the item. One thing that he believes in is putting together good products. Adam Goldenberg understands the problem with companies just marketing their products as opposed to making a really good and unique product for sale. After all, one of the factors that determines whether or not customers continue to shop at a store is whether or not they like the products being sold.

Since Adam Goldenberg cares about how the customers feel about the products, it is only natural that he is going to want feedback. He will use the feedback in order to continue providing customers with what they want. Meanwhile, Adam Goldenberg is also open to trying some new products and designs that may be a hit with customers. Of course, the new ones that sell the most are going to be around for a while.

One advantage that JustFab has over other retailers is that they are driven by metrics which gives the company the ability to adapt quickly. There are many daily numbers checks. In some cases, numbers are checked on an hourly basis in order to make sure that business is working as it should be. Also, the metrics also helps people determine what is selling. Adam Goldenberg is someone that is constantly on the look out for any weaknesses in the company at http://vator.tv/news/2015-04-25-adam-goldenberg-pivoting-your-company-doesnt-work.

An Interview with Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is many things including a businessman, philanthropist, as well as a lover and preserver of nature. In his many business endeavors, Andy Wirth has always been fully committed to showing the public the beauty of nature and how it can be linked to true luxury.

His current business is the Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is the result of two ski resorts merged together to create more opportunities and land to explore for skiers. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://www.crowdrise.com/wwsupport

Andy Wirth has over 25 years of experience with this industry and has the mission of making his ski resort one of the top places to visit in the world. Within the past six years of being the leader of this resort, Andy Wirth has been able to help this resort earn the position in the top 20 percent of ski resorts in the United States.

As a businessman, Andy Wirth earned this ski resort from the Cushing family. The Cushing family was the original owner of this resort and has held this resort within the family for the past 70 years.

Though this family was a family owned business, it became a faltering business after this resort hosted the Olympians during the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Andy Wirth was entrusted with the family business due to his excellent business background as well as his love of nature. Nancy Cushing, the most recent owner, entrusted Mr. Wirth to help regrow the business in order to make it one of the most sought after ski resorts in the country if not the world.

Andy Wirth has since then not only put in hard work, but has also poured over $70 million into renovating this ski resort.  Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

In recent news, Andy Wirth was asked by the KCRW radio station to be interviewed as an expert on a certain topic. This topic concerned the drought that has hit the West Coast over the past few years and has been causing devastation to crops as well as to businesses on the West Coast. As a leading individual in an industry that relies heavily on the amount of rainfall each year, the KCRW radio station was interested to hear what Mr. Wirth had to say.

In response to these inquires, Andy Wirth did admit that the ski resort industry on the West Coast has been faltering.

However, Andy Wirth did mention that his business has not only been unaffected by the drought, it has also been thriving thanks to Andy Wirth’s innovative business skills.

After understanding that the West Coast was involved in a drought, Andy Wirth has since then made several investments for the business that has enabled the resort to use water in a more efficient and conservative way.