Sony’s Streaming Service, PlayStation Now has Been Revealed

During CES, Sony revealed it’s long-rumoured streaming service, PlayStation Now. Using the power of Gaikai, PlayStation Now is a streaming service that will allow you to stream PS3 “classics” to an array of platforms, not just including PS4 and Vita but TV’s, tablets and smartphones. 2014 model Sony Bravia televisions will support PlayStation Now, and PlayStation Now will ultimately scale to non-Sony devices as well.


Dont expect too many games at it’s launch but titles such as The Last Of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension and Puppeteer will all be playable at CES, so should ultimately make it’s way to the service when it launches.

Sony has also confirmed that PlayStation Now will be a subscription-based service although whether it will tie-in to PlayStation Plus is unknown. Players can also choose to not subscribe and rent games. PS Now will support online multiplayer and Trophies.

This is an interesting sounding service and we still want to know more, but a closed beta is launching later this month and the service should be coming to PS4 and PS Vita this Summer.



Written by: Ben Sagar

Hailing from Toronto, Canada Ben loves all things gaming and especially everything PlayStation. Some of his favourite games include Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Infamous, Skyrim and Uncharted. When (for some odd reason) he's not playing games you can catch him watching the latest super hero movie, reading comics, playing in his band or writing for his super awesome site The PSGB.

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