Eric Pulier’s Accomplishments Understood

Eric Pulier is rated among the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the field of enterprise and government technology. He has created a name for himself with his perfectly honed skill. This perfection is evident in the outstanding portfolio that Eric Pulier has created co-founding and founding ventures that have been financed by some globally leading capital groups.

As the founder of the overly successful of vAtomic Systems, he told Ideamensch in an interview that it was vital to persevere the toughest of moments and be graceful when taking sharp turns in life. This is the kind of attitude that has fueled him to creating a myriad of successful ventures such as Digital Evolution, Akana, and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council among others.

Eric Pulier is also an accomplished investor who has put his resources in a number of venture capital funds. Eric Pulier has a passion for startups in their seed levels; with his primary focus being technology and media. Due to the passion that drives him, Eric Pulier has been successful in most of the startups that he has been involved with, pushing them to gain successful financings.

Even as he thrives as a successful entrepreneur, Pulier does not forget to give back to his community, playing his role in improving human life. He is renowned for founding the Starbright World. This is an organisation dedicated to the plight of kids born with severe childhood diseases. Through the platform, the children are offered a chance to connect and share their experiences. Eric Pulier also serves the painted turtle as a board of members. The Painted Turtle is a camp for kids with fatal diseases.

Based in Los Angeles in California, Pulier is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a qualified professional. He attended the Harvard University and later the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he majored in technology.

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