Anthony Petrello’s Story: From Math Protege To Business and Industry Leader

An incredibly inspiring story can uplift and motivate. Such is the case with the story of Anthony Petrello, a man who his college roommate Lloyd Grove describes as “a skinny public-school scholarship kid from working-class Newark whose thick Jersey accent, loud mouth, and eager demeanor”. Petrello went from being a “public-school scholarship kid”, through the Ivy League system, and out into the world of business and industry. He quickly rose to the top, and is now CEO of the worlds leading natural gas and geothermal drilling companies, Nabors Industries. His story is one of letting a natural ability shine within a competitive industry, and winning. He shows many who have natural abilities the way to use their strengths in order to rise to the top.

Anthony Petrello hails from an Italian-American family in New Jersey. As he entered the Ivy League system through acceptance to Yale as an undergrad, his natural abilities in mathematics gained attention for him from leading math professors.

He followed through with his masters, also in mathematics, from Yale. Here he made pivotal decision and opted to study law at Harvard, where he eventually earned his J.D. degree. This is where it is crucial to examine his choices and learn from them. People with natural abilities and talents can hone in on those abilities so closely that they have a sort of tunnel vision, and lose sight of the world at large. Rather than going into a career which put the academic study of mathematics at the center, and ignored business and industry, Anthony Petrello decided to use his mathematics abilities, and deep understanding of logic, and apply them to the study of law.

Law uses proofs just like math does, and Petrello once again stood out as a top achiever. Once he graduated, he moved into a successful career with a law firm in New York.

This career in law put him into touch with the natural resources giant, Nabors Industries, and he transitioned onto the Nabors team in 1991. Petrello was though of as a “math whiz” by his peers in undergraduate school, and he took that academic ability and transferred it into a successful business career.

About Anthony Petrello:

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