Reasons For Investing In ETF’s French Post Election

In an economy, there are always some contributing factors to the growth or even the decline, politics being one of them. It is often something which most investors have to consider. During the recent presidential election in France, some investors might be having ETFs in their rear-view mirror.

However, there is room for growth of the European economy since there are some national elections in Germany which are yet to happen and also the France legislative elections.

All of this will get to contribute to the wealth of the ETFs, thus being able to have some room for new and existing investors. Due to the results of the presidential elections in which Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen, most people are relying on Macron to improve the economy.

This has been something which some believe he is capable of since he is deemed to be economically stable and promising.

Therefore, the win of Macron will be of assistance to most people especially investors, which will ascertain that the European economy too gets to grow. However, there will be a few things which will affect this, some of which will include his prime minister selection.

The reason as to why Le Pen lost was due to the failure of bringing unity. This is something in which people have trust in Macron to achieve, and the selection of a prime minister who can assist in attaining this will be crucial.

Nonetheless, there is a lot that has to be done with the European economy; the euro has an elongated way to go to catch up with the dollar. This is an opportunity for investors since they can purchase the stocks until the euro has been able to achieve its potential.

The purchase will ascertain that they can get to sell their acquired stocks when the time is right, thus being able to make some profits.

Furthermore, Macron being able to bring the euro back to its glory will reunite most investors, which will create room for international investors, thus being able to make the European economy stronger once again. Most people believe in Macron to achieve this, and they are hoping that he is the right candidate who will work on ascertaining that the economy does grow and become stronger.

Dr. Brian Bonar

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