Fabletics Empowers Girls by Partnering with Demi Lovato

Fabletics is a top e-commerce fashion brand that has majored in the manufacture of quality athleisure wear for women. Kate Hudson is one of the three founders of the firm and has been acting as its head. She has been ensuring that all the women in the United States have an active and healthy lifestyle despite their age, ability, shape, and size. Fabletics recently announced that it had teamed up with Demi Lovato to create its first partnership, which will involve the launching of a clothing line that is known as Demi Lovato for Fabletics. The collection is currently available in the stores as a limited edition, and its full version will be released in August 2017. The formation of the line will better the power of Fabletics to participate in empowering women and body positivity.


Lovato is a Grammy Award winning musician and has been showing significant support to young girls across the world. The Demi Lovato for Fabletics line is greatly inspired by her music. The clothes in the collection reflect her commitment to supporting girls across the world and also offering excellent designs. The partnership will enable Fabletics to generate funds to support the United Nations Foundation’s campaign that is known as GirlUp. The primary goal of the movement is to encourage girls to support the activities of other girls across the globe.


Demi has been a body positivity activist, and she works out at the gym for about four hours every day. Her new collection with Fabletics will be offering jackets, leggings, tops, and bras. Some of the profits that will be made from the partnership will be donated to SchoolCycle, which is a program that is affiliated with the United Nations Population Fund. The organization assists girls to travel to schools safely by offering bicycles, spare parts, and maintenance.


Kate Hudson believes that Demi Lovato is a committed individual and is a great advocate for female empowerment. Hudson loves the intelligence that she shows at such a young age. Demi said that she was gratified by Fabletics’ choice to collaborate with her in the formation of the new collection. She also expressed her will to work with a top fashion brand that advocates for the values that she believes in. The new venture seems interesting to her since it involves empowering young women across the globe by designing exemplary clothing. Fabletics and Demi Lovato will ensure that they support girls to have the best education and be encouraged to stand up as leaders of their communities. SchoolCycle operates internationally, and more than 130 million girls are under its care.


Fabletic has grown to be a leading activewear retailer in the United States. The brand has an exceptional e-commerce plan that has enabled it to attract millions of subscribers every year. The company sells its customized products to its members at discounted prices, and this ensures that they can be accessed by many women in the United States. Fabletics has currently opened brick and mortar stores in various cities across the country.

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