Securus Technologies Shows Comments That Prove They’re The Best

In recent months, a leader in civil and criminal justice technology solutions published numerous customer comments that regarded using their technology to solve and prevent crimes; crimes including inmate-on-inmate crimes. Securus Technologies gathered these customer comments from their many clients in the public safety, investigation, and corrections and monitoring industries.

Included in the announcement were comments from letters and emails that Securus Technologies have received from jail or prison officials from all over the country. These officials are responsible for both preventing and solving crimes, making their incarceration environment safer and better for everyone. Obviously locations and facility names were taken out of the published comments for safety reasons.

According to the CEO of Securus Rick Smith, the company creates a new service or product that helps these corrections officials and law enforcement solve and prevent crimes. His company has received thousands of emails and letters about what the company builds and how their technology has helped them to protect and serve.

One official commented that with the help of Securus his facility was able to weed out a corrupt staff member and have him arrested. Another claimed that the company’s technology allowed his facility to monitor information between inmates about drugs, alcohol, and contraband, which has led to many arrests. A client stated that his facility had been with Securus for more than a decade and that they appreciate the company’s commitment to continuously revolutionizing their technology. Other clients commented on how their investigation abilities have been approved and that the services that are offered are unrivaled.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that serves almost 3,500 agencies within the public safety, law enforcement, and corrections sectors. The company serves an estimated 1.2 million inmates in these facilities. They provide facilities with incident management, public information, emergency response, monitoring, investigation, and communication services.

Kabbalah Wisdom: Helping People to View Life Differently

Kabbalah, an ancient wisdom taught from generation to generation, equips the learner with skills to approach life in a more positive way. The knowledge is not tied to any particular religion, and therefore people from all walks of life, religion, or ethnicity are eligible to enroll to study Kabbalah at any Kabbalah Center.

Benefits of Learning Kabbalah

By learning Kabbalah, the learner gets to understand the universe and the creator better as well as get a broader perspective on matters of faith and beliefs. With this understanding, Kabbalah helps people to disentangle their fulfillment from other people and to develop satisfaction from within themselves. Kabbalah doesn’t program or coerce people to think in one particular way. It does not force ideas down people’s throats. All that kabbalah teachers do is disseminate the wisdom and then leave it at the discretion of the learners to apply it in the best way they deem fit. That’s the beauty of Kabbalah.

Origin of Kabbalah

Kabbalah teachings have been there since the universe came into being. These teachings were, however, revealed to humanity about 50 centuries ago and were recorded in an ancient book called The Book of Formation. 30 centuries later, an Israel Rabbi by the name Shimon Bar Yochai dissected the book into two parts- the Zohar and the Torah. The former expounds on the stories from the ancient scriptures while the latter teaches about how the universe operates. Kabbalah was initially taught to Jews only, but it has grown to the entire world over the years

About Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah centers have existed for many decades. The first Kabbalah center was built in the U.S. by Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein about half a century ago, but the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center was built in 1984.

Students are first introduced to the Hebrew language since Zohar and Torah are written in Hebrew. They are then taught the core topics of Kabbalah such as the concept of Klippot, sex, common senses, and even the Bible. The Kabbalah Center at Los Angeles is involved in philanthropy.

Troy McQuagge Named Executive of the Year

USHEALTH Group Inc. chief executive officer Troy McQuagge was recently named business executive of the year during the One Planet Awards. This is a groundbreaking and highly prestigious award, which honors professionals and business excellence in various industries around the world. All organizations from around the world are eligible to present nominations to the award panel. This includes private and public, non-profit and profit organizations, and even global corporations.

Troy has been working at USHEALTH group since 2010. When he joined, his task was to turn around the company’s fortunes, which were dwindling at the time. He started by reinstituting USHEALTH Advisors, which is the company’s captive distributive agency. His success with this led him to be named CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Inc. four years later. Under his stewardship, the company has registered unprecedented success, impressive growth, and massive profits.

Troy’s Acceptance Speech

While accepting the prestigious award, Mr. Troy McQuagge expressed his joy by stating that it is indeed a great honor not only for him but also for USHEALTH Group Inc. According to him, the award portrays the good work being done by USHEALTH Group Inc. in the competitive health insurance market.

Under him, the company has instituted measures that have made healthcare more affordable. Besides this, it has been committed to providing customers with innovative health coverage. The One Planet Awards typically recognize companies that stand out due to their professional and business excellence. The awards are conferred in different categories including new products, standout executive, marketing, corporate communication, and PR.

About Troy McQuagge

Mr. McQuagge is a notable healthcare executive who has been constantly recognized as a premier business leader in the industry. During his career, he has distinguished himself for having an unmatchable passion to offer affordable and flexible health insurance solutions that meet the needs of customers.

Troy has been working in health insurance for more than thirty years. He counts Allstate Insurance Company, United Insurance Company, and Agency Marketing Group among companies that he has worked for. His success has earned him numerous prestigious awards. Mr. McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A degree in 1983 before embarking on his illustrious career.

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Instant Alliance Continues Growth Under Rona Borre

Rona Borre has worked hard

Rona Borre is an experienced professional working in the staffing and recruiting industry. She is a graduate from The University of Arizona and has spent the majority of her career working the staffing industry. After spending a few years working for another staffing firm, Borre decided to venture out and start her own firm, Instant Alliance.

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Since forming Instant Alliance nearly 15 years ago, Borre and her company has gained the reputation for being one of the top-recruiting firms in the country. Instant Alliance, which is based out of Chicago, IL, but has employees located in other cities as well, specializes in a variety of different industries. Instant Alliance currently has clients that are in the financial services, accounting, IT, retail, and healthcare industries.

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Rona Borre has worked hard to ensure that Instant Alliance has a strong reputation with clients. One of the main focuses that she has with her company is to ensure that her company truly understands the needs of their clients. This process, which is often not completed by competing firms, includes spending time to understand the company culture, goals of the firm, and other factors that will influence the type of person that will fit in at the firm. Overall, this will help to ensure that Instant Alliance is able to find a list of qualified candidates that will be able to get the job done.



Why Evolution of Smooth Is Still Impressing People

The Success Is Easy To See

Evolution of Smooth ( has found an amazing way to succeed in the surprisingly untapped market for lip balm. Before Evolution of Smooth arrived on the scene the most popular brand of lip balm was Chapstick. This dominance was not the result of any smart marketing or anything of the sort. Nobody had even considered challenging them or evaluating the lip market. This is where EOS lip balm was able to find a weak spot to exploit.

What Others Didn’t Notice

What helped Evolution of Smooth reach the level of success that it has generated was the marketing research the firm did prior to launching its product. Their research poked many holes in common assumptions about the nature of lip balm consumers. It appears that lip balm consumers are mostly women and unlikely to be loyal to one brand in particular. This stands in stark contrast to what was once believed about the market. It isn’t unisex and no brand in particular was popular. Evolution of Smooth seized upon this opportunity with a marketing campaign focused on giving customers exactly what they want.

Where Evolution Of Smooth Will Grow

Evolution of Smooth will continue to grow and see most of its growth in its expansion within the personal care market. People have a clear interest in this brand and they know how to capitalize on that. There are now Evolution of Smooth shaving creams and lotions available. Eventually other products will be available as well. Imagine a future with Evolution of Smooth soaps or other products can be found on shelves of Target and Walmart stores across the country. Millennials have fallen in love with this brand and are prepared to give it just about everything they got. Hopefully Evolution of Smooth will return the favor.


Thor Halvorssen, Founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Shoots It Straight Politically

The more I read about this Thor Halvorssen guy, the more I like him. He is a real straight shooter. He even shoots straight when it comes to politics which is something rare to behold these days. Here’s an example.

As a young man in college at Pennsylvania University, his father was taken political prisoner in Venezuela. His crime? He was helping the Venezuelan government crack down on drug cartels. I guess he got too close to busting the wrong cartel. Anyways, the man was beaten in prison for nearly 72 days.

Thor helped free his father. You would think Thor hates socialism because the Venezuelan government that imprisoned his father was socialist, but you’d be wrong. He hates unilateral dictators because the leader of the socialist government of Venezuela had ultimate authority without checks and balances. That, Thor would later proclaim during a Fox News interview, is where human rights violations come from.

As an avowed capitalist, Thor would later work for The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. The right-leaning group fights for an individual’s choice to seek out the education that they want. But despite working for such a conservative group, Thor Halvorssen endorsed Bernie Sanders for the 2016 presidential election. This shocked many, but his reasoning was brilliant.

As someone who cares deeply about human rights, Thor Halvorssen stated that Bernie Sanders had the best human rights track record on either side of the aisle. His democratic socialist stances on many issues did not bother Thor even though he disagreed with many of his platforms. This caught Fox News by surprise.

During an explosive three-minute interview, Thor Halvorssen shocked Fox News. They brought him on believing that he was a right-winged human rights activist that hated socialism. It was the conservative news network’s opportunity to bash the position of Bernie Sanders, who was the democratic frontrunner at the time.

Instead, Thor turned the interview around by shocking the interviewer with the fact he donated the maximum amount to the Sanders campaign. He then schooled everyone in the studio on human rights and their importance in the presidential campaign click here.

A Quick Look at Popular Female Actresses


Hollywood and New York City are towns which are filled with many talented female celebrities. One well known celebrity is the sexy Jessica Biel, Born on March 3, 1982, Biel is best known for her role as Mary Camden in the popular drama 7th Heaven. She took the role of a minister’s daughter, and for the first several seasons, helped contribute to the wholesome, family tone of the show. However, after the first few seasons, Biel was fired for inappropriate conduct. Some of Biel’s movies include: Ulee’s Gold, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Total Recall. She received the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film for her work in Ulee’s Gold. Biel is currently married to performer Justin Timberlake, and they have a son, Silas.

Another well known female celebrity is actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie. Jolie was previously married to Billy Bob Thornton, a marriage that ended in divorce. She then was in along term relationship with Brad Pitt, of which many iconic Angelina Jolie pictures were released, with whom she currently shares custody of their 6 children. Jolie has adopted children from several different countries. Jolie is the winner of an Academy Award and 3 Golden Globe Awards. In addition to her admirable charity work, Jolie is noted as one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood for her work in movies such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Girl, Interrupted and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. She is also named one of the most beautiful female celebrities in the world.  A great reason to kick back to some movies with Angelina Jolie that can be found on Netflix.

Desiree Perez Makes Audio and Video Streaming a Reality at Tidal

When you work well with someone and they help your company become profitable, it only makes sense to connect with these people again if you have issues with your company. That is definitely what Jay-Z made a decision to do when he reached out to Desiree Perez.


It was an easy connection for him to make with Desiree Perez again because she had already worked with Roc Nation Sports. She had been in the mist of contract negotiations with athletes for this Jay-Z Venture, so it was only right to make a connection with her again when he worked to build Tidal.  Read interesting articles on


Anyone that is connected to Tidal can see that there is a wave of new music that is streaming exclusively on Tidal. The concept of the visually LP is becoming something that is very popular on Tidal, and this appears to be the anchor that has helped this company gravitate to the level that it is at right now.  See



There is no doubt that people that have unlimited bandwidth are going to take a little bit more time to stream videos and music. Many of the other executives are vested in music streaming are only going to consider the benefits of audio streaming. Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have devised a better plan to incorporate video and concert streaming into the equation. This gives the Tidal customers access to a whole new world of entertainment. The great thing about this is that it is something of a competitive advantage for Tidal because much of this content is exclusive so it is not streaming anywhere else. Lots of music fans are excited about this because it gives them access to concerts that they may never be able to see any other way. This is an awesome way to stream music.

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Don Ressler: An Active Entrepreneurial Husband

Don Ressler is very creative when it comes to fashion. However, his creativity comes from inspiration. He and his wife are physically active. They believe in keeping their bodies in good condition. One thing about physical fitness is that it can help with business and productivity on After all, people who are not taking that good of a care of their bodies might find themselves suffering mentally as well. For one thing, there are certain nutrients that could bring forth greater focus and other mental cognitive functions. Don Ressler understands this and makes sure that he is getting some kind of physical exercise in order to help with his business.

Given that Don Ressler takes an artistic approach to fashion while keeping physically fit, it is only fitting that he wants athletic clothing to have some kind of artistic creativity brought to it as well. The clothes in many athletic stores or even the sports section of the regular clothing stores are uninspired and bland. They do very little to show any kind of creativity on Pando. Therefore, women are left feeling bored about what the stores have to offer. To make things worse, every store has the same thing. It is very hard to find something that shows any hint of creativity. It is as if fashion has this unwritten rule that creativity and physical fitness are mutually exclusive.

Don Ressler created Fabletics in order to shake things up and bring out some of the more artistic customers. Women can find themselves captivated by the imagination that has been put in each of the garments that are offered. The different colors patterns, cuts, as well as material make for quite an experience for women who want to feel confident.

Fabletics is not just about the look of the apparel. The fit and comfort of the apparel is every bit as important if not more. Women find that the styles of the clothing make it easier to move. The clothes are body type specific. This gives women the chance to find something that fits them perfectly and actually helps them with their exercises so that they can achieve a higher level of fitness.

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