Why Is Data Analysis So Difficult, According to Eric Lefkofsky?

Now that the world has hundreds of billions of bits of data, how is it being used? Many governments still don’t really understand the World Wide Web. “Why is data analysis so difficult,” according to high-tech entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky?


“Nothing is Easy”


Billionaire entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky said, “You can collect lots of data, but you can’t necessarily analyze all the data.” This is true for governments, businesses and health care. The NSA spies on nearly all online communications.


Is the world safer due to this spying? Have all cyber-crimes ceased to exist? What is actually done with all the data collected by Homeland Security?


According to lefkofsky.com the concept of “data interpretation” is central to curing diseases. The “Human Genome Project” collects important DNA data. Can this help doctors find cures?


“Needle in Haystack”


Every day, more data is being created. What is the value of this data to medicine? Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus.com has the goal of using this data to help improve health care.


The first step is collecting data, which could require a large financial investment in computer processing power. Is it worth it?


If you find a cure for a disease, it is. Medical research and development has always been a high risk, high reward proposition. Profits might be decades away. How many firms can invest a lot of money in something that might not bear fruit for decades?


The second step is sifting through the data. The organization must determine if any of the data is remotely likely to have any value to the medical field. Can a computer analyze the data, by itself? That would save valuable time.


The final step is analysis. Scientists and doctors have the intelligence to determine what is useful and what is not. They must interpret the reams of data, which can be quite time-consuming.  Click  http://lefkofskyfoundation.com/about-eric-lefkofsky/ for added details


“Solving the Puzzle”


Data analysis involves many steps, a long-term focus and large financial investment. That is why it is so difficult. This Tempus organization might represent the most challenging puzzle that Eric Lefkofsky has ever faced.

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