Sanjay Shah’s Family Struggle Become A Charity

Sanjay Shah is a very successful business owner, but he is also the father of an autistic son. He has a son that will have a hard time in school, and he wants to see if he can raise enough money to help kids like his son. He wants to make it fun for everyone, and that is why Autism Rocks is set up the way it is. It is supposed to be a fun charity that raises awareness that was just not there before. Big concerts with famous stars will create awareness like nothing else, and Sanjay Shah Denmark tries to make everyone bigger than the last.

The typical concert from Autism Rocks is made for adults where they can come out and have a drink while they watch their favorite musicians in a closed arena. That makes it fun for everyone because they feel like are really going to a private concert, and then they will donate because they are having so much fun. These are not really events for kids because there is an open bar, and all the people can mingle with the musicians when the concerts are over.

The festival itself is going to be a good time for everyone, but it is just one more way to raise money. Autism Rocks has raised a lot of money in its short life, and the Shah family are all participating because they are all living with autism in one way or another every day.

The festival that Sanjay Shah and his family set up for the Autism Rocks charity is a place where families can show up with their kids to enjoy a good time and still raise money for the charity. He is expanding the charity to make sure that he can include all the members of the family, and he also wants to be sure that he has included kids like his son so they know that they are a part of the project. Sanjay Shah and his family are fighting autism every day, and now he can actually offer money back for research to help other people like his son.


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