Netflix Continues with Creative Web Shows

What Netflix has done is take the world by storm by avoiding the television set altogether. In a recent move to accommodate the demands of fans Nexflix has ordered a second season of “Daredevil.”

It is obvious that the “Daredevil” series was better scripted than the movie with Ben Affleck. Netflix has managed to become a powerful force by creating these shows that are Netflix exclusives. CrunchBase said that this is how the powerful “Orange is the New Black” started. People are already hyped about the 3rd season of this show. The “House of Cards” series also has a powerful fan base.

Netflix has a formula that lots of other networks would like to steal. Netflix has the ability to make money off the shows directly because you have to be a subscriber in order to see the shows. The prime networks, on the other hand, have to offer the shows for free and depend on revenue streams from advertisers.

People typically take to the Netflix stream of shows because everything is offered in one bundle. They can see an entire show in one season. This is what has made the company so popular. It is called binge watching. People watch a whole show in a day. This is what has gotten Netflix back into the spotlight. RedBox videos may be cheaper, but Netflix has original shows like “Daredevil.” This drives demand for this type of streaming.

HBO Bans Brooklyn Bar From Showing Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the most successful television show on the planet. Millions of viewers tune into the HBO network each week to see what developments take place in Westeros. Normally, HBO wants as many viewers as possible, but recently, the HBO network has banned a bar from playing the show on Sunday nights.

AdWeek wrote a bar named Videology would host Game of Thrones parties each week. Videology would encourage their customers to dress up and attend the showing parties. Hundreds of customers would show up to the showing parties dressed up as their favorite characters. However, the HBO network has caught wind of the profits that the Brooklyn bar has been making. Officials from the network have sent the Videology bar a cease and desist letter. Many of the bar’s customers were extremely disappointed to hear that Game of Thrones will no longer be shown.

The Videology bar was the place to be on Sunday nights, but what the bar was doing is illegal. The HBO network should have been getting paid for the Videology parties. HBO loses money for each person that watches the show without a network subscription. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!