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Wii U Update 5.2.0u Now Live, Brings Folders

For a couple years now, 3DS owners have been able to sort their clutter of game icons on the home menu into convenient folders. The Wii U launched in November 2012, months after that 3DS system update had gone live, but no folder sorting was available. Luckily, all gaming systems

This New 3DS Commercial Is Full Of Win

Nintendo of Japan is well and truly kicking off their marketing blitz for the New Nintendo 3DS in their home land. Late last night (East coast time), the company uploaded a new commercial for the handheld, and it’s cripplingly adorable. The commercial in question features J-pop singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, often

Nintendo Downloads For September 25

He was a Hyrule Warrior Not since May 30th have we seen a major Nintendo release for the Wii U. That’s four months! Brace yourselves for the Nintendo fall blitzkrieg. Tomorrow marks the day you can pick up Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s Hyrule Warriors, either digitally or at retail. Besides

Happy Birthday Nintendo: Looking Back at 125 Years

On September 22 2014, a Japanese company in Kyoto passed a historical milestone. Nintendo Co., ltd has been in around since 1889, the longest existing gaming company in the industry. Of course, Nintendo didn’t start off making video games, but their history shows a company always entrenched in game play

Atlus Highlights 3DS eShop Sale Discounts

In last week’s eShop update, we brought you word that publisher Atlus was discounting some of their 3DS games until September 29th. What we didn’t know at the time was all of the games, and to what degree their prices would be dropped. Today, Atlus has detailed all their sale