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Nintendo Downloads For August 21

For Free~?! While FXX’s Simpsons Marathon threatens to overpower American television, why not take time to check out this week’s eShop update?  While plenty of new games are out, the big surprise news is that last year’s Disney Infinity is on sale…for zero dollars.  Like the game or no, this

Meet the New Pokemon World Champions

This past weekend saw the triumphant conclusion to the Pokemon World Championships. For the past year, trainers from around the world have been preparing and competing to take part in a master tournament in Washington D.C. Sunday saw the finals for both the TCG and Video Game Tournaments, and six

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Is Heading To iOS

Nintendo has long taken the stance that their precious franchises will not headline games on iOS and mobile platforms, fearing the devaluing of their properties.  However, The Pokemon Company International has been experimenting with mobile opportunities for a few years now.  It started earnestly in Japan a few years ago

Mega Audino and Mega Slowbro Officially Revealed

Earlier this week, the Korean Pokemon website spilled the beans on two rather interesting Mega Evolutions, that of Slowbro and Audino.  Many correctly predicted those reveals were set for two of the biggest gaming events of the month: Gamescon and the 2014 Pokemon World Championships.  Those ponderances turned out correct,

Nintendo Downloads for August 14

XType Marks The Spot A well-rounded selection of new releases hit the Nintendo eShops this week, including titles for Wii U, 3DS, and even the beleaguered DSi.  Aside from highlights like XType Plus, Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, and Double Dragon II, the real highlight is the bevy of sales